Janeivy Hilario

Janeivy Hilario (Neivy) is a photographer and poet from Connecticut whose motto is: “Create for others, by building yourself.” Utilizing social media and world travel opportunities, collectively, he outwardly showcases his craft through a range of images, coupled with prose. From the capturing of landscapes to what he calls, “creative portraits,” Neivy’s work has been featured in Time Magazine, Conde Nast, Tech Insider, BuzzFeed, Instagram and more. He has also worked with Land Rover, Macy’s, Philly Tourism, Connecticut Tourism. Part of what Neivy does as a means to give back is partnering with businesses to provide service to non-profit and charitable causes. 

The journey

My character is built through many layers of my experiences like we most are. However, with my overall career experiences I was quick to find out, I’m a problem solver. I often say I have a troubleshooting mindset and I mean it. I cherish breaking processes down and reworking it back together. This has developed me to be an agile learner, explain solutions in detail, and produce new ideas. I find joy in crafting relationships in diverse environments.


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for any inquires email: me@neivy.com